Leking Black Grouse safari
March 15:th - May 15:th

Experience the courtship display of Black Grouse from a comfortable hide at very close distance.

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Spring Long weekend in Svartådalen
4 days– 3 nights

TENGMALM'S OWL, Photo: Daniel Green

Quality birding with Owls, Woodpeckers and Grouse in Taiga forest and wetlands around Svartådalen – The Black River Valley of Västmanland.

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Spring Long weekend in Svartådalen
May - June
4 days -3 nights

URAL OWL, Photo: Daniel Green

Owls and Woodpeckers are joined by eastern Passerines, Raptors and Waders.

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Taiga & Mountains
May - June
8 days -7 nights

BLUETHROAT, Photo Torbjörn Arvidsson

Breath-taking sceneries and charismatic birds like Gyr Falcon, Long-tailed Skua and Great Snipe. The best of Taiga birds of Västmanland combined with Mountain birds of southern Lapland.

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Gotland – in the footprints of Linnaeus
a botany-, bird-and butterfly-watching tour

7 days– 6 nights

Gotland, Photo: Magnus Martinsson

Ammarnäs - Birds & Sami culture in the
heart of Lapland

7 days– 6 nights


Butterflies, Moths and Dragonflies
Scarce Fritillaries and Clouded Apollo
Mid – Late June
6 days, 5 nights

CLOUDED APOLLO, Photo Daniel Green
Central Sweden offers a variety of Scandinavian Butterfly species, many of which can only be seen here in Europe. Marsh– and Scarce Fritillary, Clouded Apollo and Scarce Heath can be seen this time of the year.

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Photograph Black Terns
25 May – 25 July


Photograph Black Terns from our floating hide! You get very close to these beautiful, little terns and unique photo opportunties out in the middle of their waterworld.

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Butterflies & Moths
Apollo and 10 species of Blue
7 days, 6 nights

APOLLO, Photo Bo Söderström
Central Sweden offers a variety of Scandinavian Butterfly species, many of which can only be seen here in Europe. On this trip Apollo, Baltic Grayling and up to 11 species of Blues can be seen!

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Dragonfly Grand tour

Experience the rich Dragonfly fauna of central Sweden with species like Blue Chaser; Dark Whiteface, Green– and Baltic Hawker.

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Autumn tour

AUTUMN TOUR, Photo Daniel Green
Birds and Dragonflies in and around the Black River Valley. Large numbers of Cranes and Bean Geese, rare Lesser White-fronted Geese and passerines like Bluethroats, Bearded Reedlings and a good number of raptors during a long weekend in central Sweden´s lovely countryside & forests.

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Eagle photography in the Black River Valley
November– March

NEW more comfortable hide!

From our warm and comfortable hide you get the possibility to see and photograph Golden Eagle and White-tailed Eagle from very close range... take the chance!

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Northern Goshawk photography in the Black River Valley
November– March
Get close photo opportunities on the shy Northern Goshawk from our new, warm and comfortable hide!

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 Winter Short weekend break
January– February
3 days – 2 nights

HAWK OWL, Photo: Daniel Green
Enjoy the northern winter atmosphere with crispy, cold air, snow-covered landscapes and birds like Hawk- and Pygmy Owl.

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 Winter Long weekend break
January– February
4 days – 3 nights

SIBERIAN JAY, Photo Rebecca Nason
On this trip an extra destination with Siberian Jays at a winter feeding station further north is added.

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